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Cube Cube is a memory matching game in the 3rd dimension with a clean graphic style.



Want to test your short term memory and feel confident about your sense of space? Well, good news! The classic card match game is now in 3D! Flip the colored cubes in the 3D space to reveal a matching pair, and challenge yourself to a fastest match!


  • Four types of hand picked levels: 3D, Gravity, Space, and Endless.
  • Normal and Hard modes.
  • Race against the clock, and earn a total of 78 stars.
  • Two leaderboards for endless levels.
  • Earn game center achievements, and challenge your friends.

Player Reviews

Rmvterrell on Feb 12, 2014:

I love the endless mode. Endless mode is my favorite, hard to stop once you start.

From France:

Un très bon jeu, intuitif, ludique, qui demande de la concentration, de la mémoire , de la précision, de la réactivité et de la rapidité. :D En somme tout un très appréciable jeu gratuit :) Car le mode infini ne vous ennuiera jamais !

From Romania:

Awesome game, it tests your mind. I have enjoyed playing it! Highly recommended!

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