Cube Cube v1.2 Released with Ads Removed

Published under Cube Cube, May 25, 2014

Friends, fans, and others on the internet: Cube Cube v1.2 is released …1 week ago!

There are no game changes nor bug fixes in this release. However, as I believe ads-free will make the game experience much better, I removed the ads (and the IAP to remove the ads) in Cube Cube. Now you can enjoy it more :)

And one more thing… I just realized that I can check customer reviews for all countries in iTunes Connect, then found the following review from France:

Un très bon jeu, intuitif, ludique, qui demande de la concentration, de la mémoire , de la précision, de la réactivité et de la rapidité. :D En somme tout un très appréciable jeu gratuit :) Car le mode infini ne vous ennuiera jamais !

Just wanted to say that I are glad you enjoyed it, and really appreciate your review!