Mango Umbrella

Mango Umbrella is a self-evolving recursive umbrella system that powers Mango Umbrella.

The umbrella has a goal of making it easy to organize and demonstrate the things I craft. It is hugely inspired by Devine Lu Linvega's amazing work on XXIIVV.

At the highest level, umbrella has a concept of universes. Each universe represents a product. There are current two universes: Mango Baby, and the Umbrella Universe. Not all products have a universe.

The Umbrella Universe also has posts and snippets.

Each umbrella universe also supports two levels of nodes. Nodes can be public or private. The Implementation Notes is an example of a sub-node.

Mango Umbrella also has an in-house iOS/macOS app that manages the content.

Current roadmap

  • Support universes on the node level.
  • Less restrictions on sub-node slug uniqueness. When querying a sub node, query all nodes with the same slug. If there is a matched sub-node with the same parent, use that. Otherwise ignoring the parent, redirect to the page with matched parent slug.
  • Move markdown rendering to server side. Choice of markdown parser: goldmark. Reasons:
    1. It's adopted by
    2. It supports custom extensions.
  • Support native node references in markdown, and have linked nodes auto updated.
  • Support image management on the client.