∞ Apple may label iOS 18 artificial intelligence features as a beta preview

‣ Published on May 27, 2024

Benjamin Mayo writes for 9to5mac:

In the latest edition of Mark Gurman’s newsletter for Bloomberg, he reports that Apple’s highly-anticipated AI features for iOS 18 and its other operating systems may be released with a ‘beta’ or ‘preview’ designation.

This is perhaps another sign that Apple was caught off-guard by the AI revolution, and its planned features for this cycle aren’t yet reliable or good enough to launch unqualified, without a beta label.

Apple may be playing catch up, but I don't think labeling upcoming AI features as beta preview is a signal for that. None of the competitors' AI features today are up to Apple's standards, and that's just the reality.

∞ Mini ponds are 'tiny universes' of biodiversity for gardens and windowsills

‣ Published on May 13, 2024

Katherine Latham writes for BBC:

Back in our garden, we were visiting our mini ponds daily, excited to see what might have made its home there. We practiced patience – as Thomas advised – which was difficult as at first the ponds grew thick with algae. But then, in just a few days, the waters cleared again. In week two, we were somewhat surprised to find aquatic life – water fleas and mosquito larvae darting about under the surface.

On the Sunday afternoon of week three, I heard squeals of delight and my children came sprinting in from the garden unable to contain their excitement. They had found a fully grown common frog, which they affectionately named "Froggo". Now, we are on tenterhooks, waiting to see if we get any frogspawn.

I always wanted a pond in our garden. I should start executing on my idea real soon.

∞ Google Gets the Message, Launches Gmail

‣ Published on Apr 1, 2024

Happy 20th birthday, Gmail!

‣ Published on Mar 16, 2024

Sure Apple, we now have https://apps.apple.com/us/vision.

But how about actually show all the categories available and give us the ability to browse non-featured apps?

There is still no way to find Mango 5Star 🤷🏻‍♂️

Indie App Sales, March 2024 Edition

‣ Published on Mar 12, 2024

Apps under the Mango Umbrella are participating indie app sales.

Indie App Sales is back again with a March 2024 edition! More than 250 indie apps are participating, and of course it includes the ones under the Mango Umbrella:

Head over to indieappsales.com to discover the rest of the apps.

Rest in Peace, Akira Toriyama

‣ Published on Mar 9, 2024

Goku, and Akira Toriyama

From Bird Studio's statement today:

Dear Friends and Partners,

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Manga creator Akira Toriyama passed away on March 1st due to acute subdural hematoma. He was in age of 68.

Akira Toriyama's work has been a significant part of my childhood. May your soul rest in peace.

Update on 2024-03-10: App Store published a story remembering Akira Toriyama with a collection of apps and games featuring his works and characters: https://apps.apple.com/story/id1734943876.

Mango Is the King of Fruit - Phil

‣ Published on Mar 4, 2024

A great quote from the Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil

A great quote from Somebody Feed Phil.

I'm in total agreement with Phil. Also, his smile is so infectious!

∞ Movie: The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon

‣ Published on Mar 4, 2024

I'm giving the movie 4/5 ⭐

One hour later I'm still in shock. It's too damn dark.

∞ Analysis: Clean Energy Was Top Driver of China’s Economic Growth in 2023

‣ Published on Jan 26, 2024

Lauri Myllyvirta and Qi Qin from CREA wrote a guest post for CarbonBrief:

Solar power, along with manufacturing capacity for solar panels, EVs and batteries, were the main focus of China’s clean-energy investments in 2023, the analysis shows.

Without the growth from clean-energy sectors, China’s GDP would have missed the government’s growth target of “around 5%”, rising by only 3.0% instead of 5.2%.

I went back to China last year for a month. I saw so, so many EVs.

‣ Published on Jan 20, 2024

i may not have pre-ordered Vision Pro today,

but January 19, 2024 is still important to me,

that Mango Umbrella LLC is formed 🥭

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