Cube Cube v1.7 Is Coming to App Store

Published under Cube Cube, Aug 6, 2017

After realized that I can't release an update to VR Planet Defense until iOS 11, I decided to work on the next Cube Cube update.

I have been wanting to refactor the messing legacy UI code forever. It is hard to maintain: 1.5K lines of code in a single file. And more importantly, its performance isn't good.

After 8 hours of refactoring and watching twitch streaming at the same time, the UI is now much smoother. I also killed the hamburger menu during the refactoring. I always hated it.

If you have an iOS 8+ device and are feeling generous with your time, you can join the TestFlight program and help me test this version. Just DM @DoleeArts your email on Twitter, I will send you an invite.

Happy Cubing Cubing ^_^