New Umbrella Feature: Posts Are Now Associated with Nodes

Published under Mango Umbrella, Jun 10, 2024

I just released a new feature to my Umbrella system: all the posts are now associated with a top-level node. Each top-level node page will also display its recent posts under it.

Nodes are similar to categories in a traditional blog. Except a node here, rather than a category, also has its own page with rich content and sub-nodes.

I hope this feature make my posts better organized. For example, you can now find all Mango 5Star's release notes with the URL, keep track of my recent Hiking history, or peak at the things that I have Reviewed.

If you wish to have a dedicated RSS/JSON Feed for a particular node, please let me know and I'll add this. Right now I only have an RSS Feed and a JSON Feed for all posts.