`xcrun simctl status_bar` Is Not Working Since Xcode 14.1

‣ Published on Apr 24, 2023

xcrun simctl status_bar is a great tool to control what you want to display on the status bar in simulators. It's often used to set the time to 9:41 AM for screenshots.

Since Xcode 14.1 in Oct 2022 though, it's no longer working if the simulator runs iOS 16.1+. Neither Xcode 14.2 and 14.3 fixed this, and it has been a mysterious since.

However, today @saagar just posted the reason and a workaround:

If you’ve been trying to use xcrun simctl status_bar recently to take pretty screenshots and found that it doesn’t work past simulators running iOS 16.1, you can use SIMCTL_CHILD_SIMULATOR_RUNTIME_VERSION=16.0 xcrun simctl boot as a temporary workaround to get this back.

Great, problem solvedmitigated!

In addition, if you use @twostraws's awesome ControlRoom app, I sent out a PR (to be reviewed and merged) to add this workaround.