WWDC 2024 Wishlist

Published under Mango Paper, Jun 10, 2024

Here is my short WWDC 2024 wishlist. Some of them will have a high chance of being true, and some other wishes will never be granted.

Developer Wishes

  • LLM powered code autocompletion in Xcode. Bonus: integrate with SwiftUI preview in some way.
  • GenAI related iOS and macOS APIs that can be automatically improved with newer models under the hood.
  • Better tools to create and maintain custom SF Symbols. Bonus: GenAI assisted SF Symbol design tools.
  • Swift Package Manager in Xcode no longer needs to re-download or re-resolve dependencies for no good reason.
  • Continued improvements to CKSyncEngine.

User Wishes

  • visionOS guest profiles. Or at least do something to guest mode.
  • iOS Fitness app supports exporting GPX files for individual runs/hikes/rides.
  • iPadOS multi-user support. I know this will never see a light of day, but it has to be said by someone.
  • macOS Safari has Chrome-like pinned tabs behaviors. This is the only blocker for me to switch to Safari on Mac.

Have a wonderful WWDC 2024!