PyCon US 2024

Published under Mango Paper, Jun 4, 2024

PyCon US 2024

PyCon US 2024, David L. Lawrence Convention Center Expo Hall B

This year's PyCon US is real special to me. Just 3 weeks before PyCon US 2024, I found out I had to find some other reasons going to the conference. One obvious purpose is to meet potential future employers and colleagues, and I did. But what ended up more important to me is a longer term discovery. PyCon has helped me to realize that I still want to continue my career working on this language thingy called Python.

I came to Python at work because of my technology interests 8 years ago. Now I'm staying for the Python community outside of work. One unique aspect of PyCon I keep experiencing is its welcoming and inclusive attitude. It's the community and amazing people that have trapped me in this realm and I just don't want to get out.

After the layoff, I have certainly thought about going independent and growing Mango Umbrella LLC. Not only it's a financially unwise decision, but also it turns out it wouldn't actually be my number one choice regardless of money.

Thank you, all the nice people I met at PyCon US 2024. I hope to see you again at PyCon US 2025.

P.S. I always find interesting and a learning opportunity from reading other people's experiences. So here are some of them I've found:

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