∞ Mini ponds are 'tiny universes' of biodiversity for gardens and windowsills

‣ Published on May 13, 2024

Katherine Latham writes for BBC:

Back in our garden, we were visiting our mini ponds daily, excited to see what might have made its home there. We practiced patience – as Thomas advised – which was difficult as at first the ponds grew thick with algae. But then, in just a few days, the waters cleared again. In week two, we were somewhat surprised to find aquatic life – water fleas and mosquito larvae darting about under the surface.

On the Sunday afternoon of week three, I heard squeals of delight and my children came sprinting in from the garden unable to contain their excitement. They had found a fully grown common frog, which they affectionately named "Froggo". Now, we are on tenterhooks, waiting to see if we get any frogspawn.

I always wanted a pond in our garden. I should start executing on my idea real soon.