∞ Just Do What You're Excited About

Published under Mango Paper, Jan 17, 2024

Simon Peng from his Robot Fan Club newsletter,

The other way I find I can motivate myself to start is by looking for inspiration not in other people's work, but in the people themselves.

This is very true for me. I'm often motivated by other people. This effect doesn't last long for me though, and I have to consistently remind myself about other people's existence to keep the motivation up.

To me, the lesson here is to be inspired by excitement. Be inspired by the ability people have to be energized into action.

There's a place in our lives for being moved to create by the profundity of great works of art, but more often I feel people hold great works up as an excuse not to make something. They'll fall short. They'll fail. They don't know where to start.

Instead, look at all the things people do in spite of these feelings and embrace that bold rejection of the box that you're in. Often we put ourselves in that box to help us articulate who we are to others. Often we put ourselves there to help explain who we are to ourselves. But we're always more than that. We're people. We can do whatever we want. So shouldn't we do what excites us?

Maybe excitement is the key here? Tonight, I'm very excited to get a visionOS build for Mango 5Star. And I'm just doing that.

What excites you?