∞ Drink Free Beer in Silence at This New San Francisco Barbershop

‣ Published on Dec 31, 2023

David Sjostedt writes,

Catering to the overworked, the introverted and the way-too-baked, a new barbershop in San Francisco offers silent haircuts so that you no longer have to talk to your barber as they line you up.

At Beyond the Pale barbershop in the Mission District, there’s no need to say a word with the shop’s “silent mode” service, which was designed especially for shy techies and stoners, according to shop owner Anthony Larrasquitu.

“Ultimately, it’s about the freedom here. You get to pick the experience you want,” Larrasquitu said.

I love this. Ever since I can remember, I have always hated going to barbershops. I don't like the idea of having to talk to people while they are cutting something off my head. Then 7 years ago, I found the perfect solution: long hair.

This San Francisco Barbershop can be another great alternative!