Cube Cube Is on Top 200 Free iPhone Puzzle Games!

Published under Cube Cube, Feb 9, 2014

Cube Cube

Woohoo, Cube Cube is on top 200 free iPhone puzzle games!

Cube Cube v1.1.1 Released, Active Players Hit Record High!

Published under Cube Cube, Feb 6, 2014

Cube Cube v1.1.1 is now available and WOW, active players hit record high!

Cube Cube

Cube Cube v1.1.0 Now Available

Published under Cube Cube, Jan 8, 2014

iTunes link:

Release Notes:

Happy New Year and thank you all for playing Cube Cube!

I'm happy to provide this big update:

  • Added two Game Center leaderboards for endless levels.
  • New UI typeface. (It is Josefin Sans in case you wonder.)
  • New portrait upside down orientation.
  • Improved level start animation (I'm listening to the feedbacks!).
  • Improved tutorial level.
  • Jump to hard mode when the normal endless level finishes.


Cube Cube Is on the List of “Featured New Puzzle Games”!

Published under Cube Cube, Dec 26, 2013

Cube Cube

Yeah! Cube Cube is on the list of “Featured New Puzzle Games”!

Christmas Is Crazy

Published under Cube Cube, Dec 26, 2013

Cube Cube Chart

Christmas is crazy! Look at Cube Cube’s (launched on Dec 12) chart and you’ll know why.

Cube Cube Now Available FREE on App Store

Published under Cube Cube, Dec 13, 2013

I'm happy to announce that Cube Cube is now available on App Store.

Demo Play:

Release Notes:

Cube Cube – A 3D cube matching game based on the classic card matching game.

Want to test your short term memory and feel confident about your sense of space? Well, good news! The classic card match game is now in 3D! Flip the colored cubes in the 3D space to reveal a matching pair, and challenge yourself to a fastest match!


  • Four types of levels: 3D, Space, Gravity, and Endless.
  • 24 hand picked levels + 2 endless levels.
  • Race against the clock, and earn a total of 78 stars.
  • Normal and Hard modes.
  • Earn game center achievements, and challenge your friends.

Now They Call It Cube Cube

Published under Cube Cube, Dec 8, 2013

I'm sad that there was an issue of the game’s name and it was rejected.

Now Cube Cube it is called.

Pray it will pass the review this time and be available on App Store before the holidays.

Memory Cube

Published under Cube Cube, Sep 14, 2013

As I said two weeks ago, I'm making a game called Memory Cube.

The game comes from a really simple and naive idea: memory card match game is one of the basic games you need to make if you want to learn game development, and I'd like to make 3D games in the future. So I decided to try out a 3D memory card match game, where you must remember the card identity as well as the card position in a 3D space to make a match.

1st Prototype

It’s actually quite simple to make the first prototype. I only need some colored cubes in the 3D space and let the player to flip them. Then I realized that it did not work. It is more like a mahjong game, where you could match the cubes without rotating the 3D space. Essentially, it’s still 2D.

2nd Iteration

The idea is to find a way so that the player must rotate the 3D space to match the cubes. I added a barrier in the space. To flip the cube, you must rotate it to the front. It works as what I have imagined. And it became the fundamental mechanism of Memory Cube.

Level Design

My initial thought is to just add more cubes to later levels so that it becomes harder. But, it’s really boring. I tweaked a little bit so that now it has four different level types. Also there is a time limit to solve a level.

Look and Feel

This is the most difficult part for us. But I am satisfied with what I have now for my first game.


I only had three people testing the game. But they made the most significant contribution to it. Through this process, now I truly understand how powerful it is to test as early as possible, and as mush as possible.

The End

The core game mechanism and basic levels are finished, but the game couldn’t evolve anymore by my limited power. So I decided to ramp it up. It will be soon available on iOS, stay tuned.

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