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Language breakdown of all my personal projects as of 2019-12-27:

  1. 66.9% C#
  2. 17.8% JavaScript
  3. 4.3% ShaderLab
  4. 3.2% Objective-C
  5. 3.0% Swift
  6. 1.6% Go

My ambitious 2020 goal: Swift goes to #1.

P.S. SwiftUI ain't gonna help much with this goal 😂

A Pivot Point of dA Umbrella

Published under Mango Umbrella, Dec 22, 2019

The current admin console part of DA Umbrella is a web app built with reactjs. While it works fine when I am on my Mac, I find more often when I want an iOS to do a quick task. More importantly, those quick tasks would be much easier if the app supports share extensions or Shortcuts.

I finally took the action to start the new project in Xcode. Here is a screenshot of the hello world version:

Screenshot of dA Umbrella

Published under Mango Umbrella, Sep 23, 2019


Created a baseline typography guide for all things dA. It only uses one font, Inter. The guide will evolve over time, but I do hope to use Inter for everything across all platforms for a long time.

Adopting Inter

Published under Mango Umbrella, Sep 20, 2019

After I noticed @rsms's Inter font from this tweet, I immediately tried it out on my website. The result is better than what I had (Lato + Alegreya). Now everything on uses Inter.

I plan to do incremental changes to my website towards a better design. Adopting a great font is a significant step.

Published under Mango Umbrella, Dec 22, 2017

DoleeArts is now on, follow me here!

Update on 2022-06-06: DoleeArts is Mango Umbrella. Follow on Microblog instead.

Published under Mango Umbrella, Nov 6, 2017

Umbrella now supports micro posts! This is the first of this kind.

JSON Feed Is Now Available

Published under Mango Umbrella, Jun 2, 2017


It only took me 30 minutes to add. And, I spent half of the time actually upgrading Cloud SDK... JSON FTW!

DoleeArts Posts RSS Feed is Now Available

Published under Mango Umbrella, Jan 25, 2017

RSS Link:

This feed includes all posts on DoleeArts. If you want more fine grained feeds, for example, posts only from VR Planet Defense, drop a comment below and I will prioritize the development.

Introducing Umbrella

Published under Mango Umbrella, Nov 15, 2015

Today, I'm introducing Umbrella. It is the recursive system that powers the DoleeArts umbrella. It is written from scratch using Go, and hosted on App Engine.

The goal of Umbrella is to keep an individual motivated to ship products. Or, like what Justin Jackson said, Just Fucking Do It.

The solution here is to have the Umbrella system as the partner. It is inspired by Devine Lu Linvega's amazing work on XXIIVV.

The system consists of Projects. There are currently threes types of projects:

  • Diaries
  • Games
  • Systems

Each project contains zero or more of the following axises:

  • Issues, tasks of the project.
  • Journal, timed pieces of the project's information.
  • Logs, time logs spent on the project.

All the projects are public, and its axises will be slowly made available for public consumption.

Introducing DevLog

Published under Mango Umbrella, Sep 2, 2013

Update on November 12, 2015: DevLog is considered being replaced by Umbrella.

Before talk about this DevLog, I feel it is necessary to say a little bit about DoleeArts first.

DoleeArts is the name of my side project. It came from a simple idea: I should really start to make something, anything, but seriously, with love and long term commitment. It is actually not one project, but a series of projects.

So what are they? Well, first thing is this website. It is built from scratch using Go and Bootstrap, and is hosted on App Engine. It has a home page, the Linked List(inspired by Daring Fireball), and now the DevLog. You can also subscribe site-wide updates via this feed.

Besides the website, I also decided to make video games. After taking a game design course at my graduate school, I was fascinated by this industry. I can’t wait to step into it.

Currently I’m working on a mobile game called Memory Cube. I don’t have much experience on making games now and this is only my very first official game, so I don’t expect it to be very attractive. My ultimate goal is just to finish and release it, and at the same time to learn game development from this process.

However, the development stopped every now and then. It has been almost a year since I started the game, and I still haven’t finished it yet.

Why? Why on earth can’t I just fucking finish it?

Lately I find out it is actually hard to make progress on anything if I’m just in my house staring at my computer screen and only thinking on my own, especially when the game is simple and I started to suffer from aesthetic fatigue.

After weeks of procrastination and randomly reading other developers’ blogs, I realized that writing is a good potential solution to this issue. One can be benefited from writing in many different ways. But for me, the most important one is it plays the role of commitment to my audiences. Of course, the most important (and likely the only, because of my poor linguistic performance and competence) audience is myself. I believe I will be unconsciously influenced by this public commitment, and actually be pushed forward.

So, here is DevLog. My writings on the progress of my side projects, DoleeArts.

In the next post I will talk about Memory Cube. Stay tuned.

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